Muffy Charles Music


Born & Raised in Los Angeles, Ca from a lineage of Jazz Musicians and a Baptist Preacher.  The youngest of nine children, affectionately named at birth, raised up singing in front of her daddy’s church created the foundation of who we see today.

What’s in a name? If you’re talking about Muffy, It is said that “Great things sometimes come in small packages”. That has never been truer. A voice so powerfully melodic, so passionately electric the force of which will captivate and sweep you to another level. With her gift to inspire the heart, Muffy needs no introduction. With her versatile ability, Muffy transcends the musical norm. Her free – style mix of R&B, hip – hop, soulful, spiritual and Jazz is so refreshing that it puts her in a genre all her own.

There’s a saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire“. Muffy’s step back into the musical mainstream is setting off alarms wherever she is heard. Prepare yourself for the explosion that’s coming!